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Activities and Privileges

The Livery is one of the most active as well as one of the most ancient traditions of the City of London. The roots of the livery can be traced back to the guilds in Saxon times, to the Worshipful Company of Weavers, and their Royal Charter of incorporation dating from 1155. It is a genuine privilege to be able to continue in the footsteps of nearly 1000 years of history. The Worshipful Company of Constructors follows the traditions of the Livery in promoting fellowship, charitable giving and supporting the development of our industry through apprentices, scholarships, education and research. Our membership is the life blood of the Company.  We look to you to continue those traditions, and, as per the Freedom Oath you took on joining the Livery, to “uphold and maintain the Aim, Objects, Bylaws and Ordinances of the Company”.


There are many reasons people join and you will have your own but the research we have done into our membership highlights the following. 

1)         Networking - Our Company exists to bring together all of the professions involved in the construction industry so there is a wealth of information, knowledge and expertise to tap into.

2)         Giving something back - You have a chance to give something back to our fantastic industry, via our charitable trust, mentoring schemes, and our program of scholarships and awards.

3)         It is something unique and very special - The opportunity to attend events at exclusive venues that few get the opportunity to do outside of the Livery. This has included dining at the Tower of London, the Cutty Sark, Mansion House, Merchant Taylors' Hall and many other magnificent venues.

4)         Get more involved in City life - By having the Freedom the Worshipful Company of Constructors you can now present yourself to Chamberlain’s Court at Guildhall and gain the Freedom of the City London. In doing so you not only join the ranks of Lord Nelson, Sir Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and many others but it also allows you to progress to become a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Constructors.

5)         Being a part of flourishing tradition - Being a Liveryman is something we strongly encourage and bestows further privileges on the individual concerned, some of which are detailed later on.

Slightly lesser known privileges also include:


There are many many more that you will uncover the more you get involved in the Livery and City life.

Whatever your reasons for joining are find out what works for you by getting involved because almost certainly there will be more to being a member than you think.

Activities and Promoting Fellowship

Numerous events are organised each year to which members of the Company may apply to take part in. Members are encouraged to bring guests to the majority of Company events. These events comprise three formal dinners and two formal lunches as well as a less formal Christmas Lunch, several smaller scale social functions, our City Lecture, charity fund raising events, and other events organised by the City. A calendar of events is issued each year with the Livery List, and is updated regularly via our website and the Clerk’s Notes. A typical Livery year will comprise the following:

October: Installation Dinner

November: Social Event; Lord Mayor's Show

December: Carol Service & Supper

February: Livery & Awards Dinner

March: United Guilds’ Service & Lunch

May: Constructors’ City Lecture, Companions Lunch

May/June: Master’s Weekend

June: Sir Christopher Wren Banquet, Social Event; Election of Sheriffs & Lunch

July: Golf Day & Summer Country Dinner, Court Lunch

September: Common Hall & Supper, Social Event; Election of Lord Mayor & Lunch

As a member we of course encourage you to come along to as many events as possible and as you will see from our yearbook and website there is a very diverse range of events on offer so there is bound to be something that appeals. As a new member a good place to start is by attending our formal dinners, the Installation Dinner (celebrating the installation of our new Master), the Livery and Awards Dinner (Celebrating our scholars and our association with the armed forces) and the Sir Cristopher Wren Banquet (Celebrating being a Constructor) as well as our program of lunches held at various halls throughout the year. They are very special and unique events and always very well attended making them a great opportunity to network and entertain guests.

As has been mentioned if there is an event that you like to see on the calendar but is not yet on there don’t wait, speak to our Clerk and he will guide you as to what needs to be done to organise an event. Most importantly of all though, come along to our events and say hello.

There are also many inter-livery events held throughout the year and all will come through on the Clerks notes but some of the more notable and well established ones include:

  • Clay Pigeon Shoot at Holland & Holland (Nr. Northwood)
  • Prince Arthur of Connaught Golf Tournament at Walton Heath (South east of Epsom)
  • Tennis Tournament at Queens Club (Nr West Kensington)
  • Sailing at Cowes
Suitable qualified and other interested individuals are invited to make an application to become one of our open classes of member.
Yeoman - under 35 years of age
Freeman - Over 18 years of age (it is not necessary to be a Yeoman first it depends on choice)
Liveryman - after acceptance as a Freeman
International Constructor both Freeman and Liveryman.
The Worshipful Company of Constructors (The Constructors’ Company in brief) is a modern City of London Livery Company. We were formed as a Company in 1976 were granted Livery in 1990, and we are number 99 in a list of 108. The older companies, as you may well know, go back hundreds of years.
Our members are all connected with the construction industry, and most have relevant professional qualifications; indeed entry to the Livery (see below) requires either a recognised professional qualification or relevant experience and seniority in the industry. They are chartered surveyors, engineers, architects, builders and a number of construction specialists, as well as professionals in law, accountancy and other fields working within the industry. Some of these professions have a livery company of their own; our members value the diversity found within our ranks, which has professional and social benefit.
Modern companies were founded and exist in the same spirit as their ancient brethren, and although we have discarded tradition which has no value or purpose in the 21st Century, we have retained much that remains both purposeful and enjoyable. We support our industry by binding apprentices, awarding scholarships and prizes, and promoting construction in a variety of ways. We have a Charitable Trust, to which we ask all members to contribute from time to time, which disburses funds to a variety of good causes with a connection to the City of London or the construction industry.
The main body of the members are either Liverymen or Freemen, and we are governed by a Court, led by the Master and Wardens. New members join as Freemen, and move forward to Livery - which entitles them to vote in some City elections and attend certain City events during the year - when they feel ready to do so, and subject to eligibility and the approval of the Court. All Freemen of the Company are also automatically entitled to become a Freeman of the City of London.
We run a programme of events throughout the year, including formal dinners - we have recently dined at Fishmongers’, Painters’ and Skinners’ Halls, and our Installation Dinner in October is held at a Livery Hall, and once every two years or so we dine at Mansion House, the home of the Lord Mayor of London. These are truly splendid venues and your guests will enjoy these unique occasions. There are also informal activities, mainly in or around London; a golf day, scholars’ presentations, a Master’s weekend away, a visit and pub supper and so on. Some of the events are quite expensive and some are “cheap and cheerful”. You take part in whatever you have time for, although we do expect some commitment from members for our formal programme, and many members entertain colleagues and clients, offering a unique experience of a way of life not accessible to most people.
There are costs of course; the figures quoted (please request as not published on web site) all include VAT. The annual subscription (called Quarterage) is £360 + VAT (reduced by £35.00 + VAT if paid by 31st December) a year in 2011/12, and on joining there is an administrative fee, currently £100.00 + VAT. There is NO JOINING FEE for Yeoman Membership with annual quarterage of £55.00 + VAT (at 2018). We very strongly encourage our members to pay their subscription by direct debit. On moving up to the Livery there is a one off payment, called the Fine, of £400.00 + VAT.
The purpose of this item is to provide you with enough information to be able to decide if you wish to take the next step, which is to return the completed form to The Clerk and meet the Master and Wardens, formed as the Election Committee, to discuss the possibility of becoming a Freeman/Yeoman. Of course, you can withdraw from the process at any time you like, and there is nothing to pay until the process is complete.
The Committee meets regularly in the City of London between 1000 and 1230hrs, and we would ask for 20 minutes of your time in that period. There is then a requirement to appear before our Court to receive the Freedom of the Company, and they assemble four times a year.
If you wish to proceed please contact The Clerk. 
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