News Reports from February 2017 - Master Ian Mason

16th June Master`s Weekend in Guernsey CI.

A PDF copy of The Masters` Weekend report can be downloaded HERE

8th June - Sir Christopher Wren Banquet held at Merchant Taylors` Hall

The Master, Ian Mason and The Wardens entertained The Rt Hon. The Lord Mayor Alderman Dr Andrew Parmley, The Lady Mayoress Wendy Parmley together with Alderman & Sheriff Peter Estlin and Mrs Lindy Estlin at our annual Civic Banquet.

Other guests of The Company with thier partners included:-

Nicholas Payne, Master Mason

Dr Derek Adams, Master Apothecary

Alistair Gregory-Smith, Master Carpenter

Briain Wadsworth, Master Plumber

Stephen Turner, Master Builders Merchants

Peter Rawlinson, Master Glass Seller

Richard Brindley. Master Chartered Architect

Patricia Denzier, Master The Company of Edinburgh Merchants

Dr Martin Gaskell, Master Educator

The Master and Company Guests before Dinner

Sir Vivian Ramsey. The Constructors Renter Warden, proposed the welcome and toast to our guests.

The Rt Hon. The Lord Mayor Alderman Dr Andrew Parmley, seemed to be enjoying himself with The Master Ian Mason just before both stood to speak.

The traditional toast to "The Lord Mayor, the City of London Corporation & The Sheriffs was proposed by The Master Ian Mason in his very natural style with humor and affection for The City and The Company.

There followed a most kind and generous toast to The Constructors Company by The Rt Hon. The Lord Mayor Alderman Dr Andrew Parmley who regaled us with stories of this term in office and the music of The City which is so much part of his life. In closing the evening The Master, Ian Mason thanked all our esteemed civic guests for their time and attendance at our celebration of Sir Christopher Wren one of the most highly acclaimed English architects in history. He was accorded responsibility for rebuilding 52 churches in the City of London after the Great Fire in 1666, including what is regarded as his masterpiece, St. Paul`s Cathedral, completed in 1710.

15th February Court Meeting at Goldsmiths` Hall City of London EC2V 6BN

During the normal course of business wherein The Court received reports on the company business The Master admitted as an Apprentice to Liveryman David Fell his Grandson Mr Jack Holmes. After The Court a memorable photograph was taken.

Additionally Candidates for the Freedom of the Company and the clothing of a new Liveryman were also welcomed into the company.

15th February - Livery & Awards Dinner held at Goldsmiths` Hall, City of London EC2V 6BN

The Master hosted other Livery Masters and VIP Guests at a full Goldsmiths` Hall for our Annual Livery & Awards Dinner wherein we celebrate the achievements of our various scholarships and those of our affiliated branches of the Military Services.

Here The Master Ian Mason FCIOB with VIP Guests before dinner including Prof David Mosey and Alderman Sir Roger Gifford, Master Musician

Goldsmiths` Hall provided both splendor and delight at our important Awards Dinner. The Guests of The Company at Dinner were:

Professor David Mosey, Director of the Centre of Construction Law and Dispute Resolution at the Dickson Poon School of Law.

Alderman Sir Roger Gifford, Master Musician

Ian Lumsden, Master Pavior

Prof Isobel Pollock-Huff, Master Engineer

Terence Wright, Master Plaisterer

Stephen Riley, Master Insurer

Matthew Bastone, Master Arbitrator

Keith Tozzi, Master Water Conservator

Chris Blyth OBE, Chief Executive CIOB

Captain Philip Nash RN, (Capt Surface Ships Portsmouth)

Captain Glynn Tomsett, Acting OC 21 Sqn RE

Flt Lt Gareth Pickard RAF

The evening opened with a toast to The Guests of The Company and Guests of Members of The Company proposed by The Middle Warden Michael Parrett MSt(Cantab) CSCI FCIOB FBEng FFB FRSA who, in his most pleasing style, made sure all those joining the company to dine were welcome and bid well for the upcoming evening.

After dinner our Awards were presented by The Master Ian Mason FCIOB

101 (City of London) Regt (EOD) RE - Shafting & Shoring Cup – Cpl Ross Fraser

Corporal Ross Fraser was nominated for the Sheriffs’ Award for Bravery on account of his exceptional leadership, bravery and professional conduct during the evening of the 12th May 16, helping to safely remove a 500kg World War II German bomb from the centre of Bath. The decisive action of him and his team, undoubtedly contributed to the safe-guarding of life and property within the city.
On the afternoon of the 12 May 16 reports were received of a possible unexploded bomb found during the excavation of a school playground in a residential area of Bath. The local police immediately responded by evacuating 1,100 properties to ensure imminent threat to life was reduced. Corporal Fraser leading the Air Dropped Weapons mitigation section received authorisation to deploy to the area. Upon arrival and following an initial brief by the Bomb Disposal Operator, it was identified that the device was a 500kg WWII Luftwaffe ‘bomb, with the capability to kill and cause significant damage if initiated. With the device having spent the last 70 years buried beneath the ground, there was uncertainty over it’s sensitivity to shock or any slightest movement.
Early in the morning, the task was made more challenging by the low light levels and confined space available around the bomb. Moreover, in a multi-agency environment and under significant public scrutiny, Corporal Fraser was under significant pressure to complete the task quickly.  In this context he remained utterly professional. Corporal Fraser’s team spent the next 12 hours constructing the mitigation shelter. It is undoubtedly a result of his leadership, bravery and focus that his team were able to deliver the task so rapidly without the requirement to be relieved by others.
Corporal Fraser demonstrated the upmost leadership, professional character and bravery when facing a very intense and dangerous situation; he is most deserving of official recognition.

HMS LANCASTERNo Prize this year as HMS LANCASTER in deep refit this years prize to be donated to the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity.  To be received on their behalf by Captain Philip Nash RN, Captain Surface Ships, Portsmouth.

5001 Sqn RAF – Air Cdre DOW Trophy – Sgt GRAY

Sgt Gray has stood above all of his peers on 5001 Sqn Operations Flt in his unfailing support of the build, and maintenance, of Technical Working Environments (TWE) over the last 12 months.

As one of the few General Technician (Electrical) on the Flt, Gray is often called away on tasks at very short notice; it is a mark of this individual that his enthusiasm for deployment is still as strong as it was when he was first posted onto the Sqn. In his own words he ‘lives for’ Expeditionary Operations and this can be seen in every aspect of his work.

During 2016 he has been deployed on TWE Maintenance tasks to Kabul, Minhad and Akrotiri. Additionally he has been part of Facility Installation Teams that have constructed several Rapid Environmental Shelters in Akrotiri and the Falkland Islands. In addition he was part of a team that carried out maintenance on the Portable Aircraft Arrestor Gear that is held in readiness to support Op SHADER. In total he has spent over 150 days away from the UK this year.

Gray is ever keen to deploy and his obvious enthusiasm whilst away motivates whatever team he is with, he is held in the highest regard by management and peers alike. His talents have been recognised by his recent promotion board and he has recently been promoted to Sgt. 

Constructors Prize: Robert Lilly: BSc(Hons) Building Surveying

Robert graduated from the University of Westminster in June 2016 with a First Class Honours Degree in Building Surveying. Robert undertook the degree course on a part time (day release) basis whilst employed with W T Partnership, a multi-disciplinary building consultancy, providing quantity surveying, project management and health and safety advice. Throughout the duration of his course Robert achieved consistently high grades in his modules, culminating in the award of a first class honours degree.  

Robert was an excellent student, eager to help his fellow students in the areas he excelled in and had a great rapport with academic staff.

David Tong Cup (LSBU)

Lloyd Mukutirwa, graduated with a First Class Honours in BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology in October 2016, after completing a five year part-time mode of study. He is an enthusiastic, ambitious and highly motivated individual. Lloyd has demonstrated great attention to detail and excellent communication skills in all aspects of the course. His dedication to his studies and attention to high standards for coursework were outstanding.

Lloyd commenced his career as a trainee architectural technician, in his native Zimbabwe. On arrival in London, he supported himself financially throughout his study at London South Bank University, by working as a London bus driver. To complete his degree required superb time management skills, strong dedication and professionalism.

Complementing all these admirable qualities is Lloyd’s unfailing professionalism, politeness and friendliness to fellow students and staff alike.

INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH AWARDS: 2017 - Jointly Awarded by the BRE and The Worshipful Company of Constructors.

BRE Website HERE

The quality of the research proposals was so outstanding that the awards panel decided to make two awards for the 2017 International Research Scholar.

Firstly, Dr Zulfakir Adamu, is an academic based at Loughborough University. His research was considered by the panel to be highly innovative with huge potential. Dr Adamu’s research will focus on “ A serious game for hazard perception & response for health and safety on construction sites.” This will use computer game technology and software that will enable users to both learn and implement health and safety via “walk through” models. The research objective will also allow this technology to be incorporated in existing Building Information Modelling platforms. The award panel believe that this technology could be easily become a “hit” with both Schools and Universities, providing primary and secondary education with a link to the Construction Industry as well as a tool for constructor’s to train staff.

Second, Dr Ricardo Condinhoto : He is an academic based at the University of Bath and intends to use the University Campus in his research which intends to establish a” BIM-Based Management model to minimize environmental impacts and operational cost during the operational phase of a university campus.” The research aims to develop this model to enable policy makers and practitioners to advise government and city organisations as they seek to make efficiency gains in construction and asset management. The research will focus on the University of Bath with the initial objective of digitally modelling the campus containing some 17000 people and to use this as a platform for data integration, and incorporating the skills of students, academics as well as outside organisations. To this end the research will also become a teaching and training tool.

After the Awards the Masters` special guest Professor David Mosey, Director of the Centre of Construction Law and Dispute Resolution at the Dickson Poon School of Law kindly agreed to speak on his key issues for our Construction Industry. David entertained everyone with his personal view on some very pithy matters affecting everyone in trade today, concluding with the toast "The Worshipful Company of Constructors: May it flourish root and branch forever” twined with the name of the Master

Professor David Mosey Bio HERE

There followed the opportunity for The Master Ian Mason to propose the final Toast, thanks to everyone and to wish all a safe return.