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Election of Lord Mayor

At Common Hall on Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, the Liverymen of the several Livery Companies of the City of London met to propose two names to the Lord Mayor and Aldermen for them to choose which of the two should be Lord Mayor for the year ensuing.

As usual, the ceremony was a mixture of modern process and ancient ritual, with all present being required to “be uncovered in the Hall” and “all those who are not Liverymen to depart the Hall on pain of imprisonment”.

There were three candidates;

  • William Anthony Bowater Russell – Alderman and Haberdasher
  • Vincent Thomas Keaveny – Alderman and Solicitor
  • Timothy Russell Hailes – Alderman and Pewterer

Following the initial proposals by Common Hall, and after deliberation, the Lord Mayor and Aldermen chose William Anthony Bowater Russell as the next Lord Mayor, and he will be installed during the Silent Ceremony on Friday, 8 November, the day before the Lord Mayor’s Show.  William Russell was born in 1965 and was educated at Eton and Durham University.  He served as Sheriff of the City of London in 2016-17 and as Alderman represents the Ward of Bread Street.

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