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Master's Message

In his message to members of the Company, the Master, Sir Vivian Ramsey writes:

“Dear Fellow Constructors

I am delighted to have been elected as Master for the coming year and I look forward to seeing you at one or more of the events arranged during the year.

In addition to the regular lunches at the Ironmongers’ Hall, I am arranging a number of informal events during the year with a legal theme, including visits to the Inns of Court and Courts.

I shall also be continuing with the international theme and have arranged a Master’s Weekend in Singapore in April which, as well as being an enjoyable weekend, will enable us to foster commercial links there.

My second Master’s Weekend in May will take place in Mimizan, South West France. It has historic connections with the UK and being close to Bordeaux will provide an opportunity to taste local food and wine and relax.

There will then be a Garden Party at our house in Kent in June, open to all constructors, family and friends, including children.

My final Master’s Weekend will then be held in Durham, staying close by the Cathedral. It will include sightseeing there and in Bishop Auckland as well as attendance at a highly rated historical pageant.

Full details of these and all the other events will be on the website.

I and the Mistress, Barbara, look forward to meeting you during this year. We want to ensure that you continue to value your connection with this modern, thriving and forward thinking Livery Company.

With very best wishes

Vivian Ramsey”


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