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A relatively new innovation, arising from a survey that was conducted amongst our members in 2017, is our quarterly Newsletter.  This will be published in January, April and July.  It will also be published in October to coincide with the installation of the new Master.  The focus of the Newsletter is very much on being a regular source of current information for our members, and it includes the information that was previously sent to members as “Clerk’s Notes” as well as short articles on recent news and events.


The fourth edition of the Newsletter was distributed in September 2018, just before Common Hall, and included a message from the Master and a report on the Gallant Clerk’s journey on the Transfagarian Highway.  It also contained a message from the Clerk.

You can access the latest issue of the Newsletter (October 2018) by clicking on the image of the first page on the left.  Previous issues are available by clicking on the Issue number below:

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