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Sustainability Scholarship

The sustainability agenda, though it continues to evolve and develop, will impact on every business going forward. Whether you are interested in the advent of carbon accounting on projects or the importance of water conservation in the future, the Sustainability Scholarship encourages a company to carry out research using one of its employees.

Established in 2007 jointly with the CIOB and the University College of Estate Management, the scholarship is awarded annually.

The successful scholar will continue to work full time during the scholarship year, carrying out a research project which will benefit the scholar, their company and the industry. The subject of the research could relate to any area of construction management including forms of contract, processes on site, emerging trends or management practices. It could be a new topic or extend existing work to increase its value to a wider audience in industry.

Once selected, the candidate will then discuss progress with their company and WCC mentors every few months, producing an end of project summary to be made available on the Worshipful Company website at the end of the 12-month scholarship period. The scholar will also give a presentation at a suitable event hosted by their company and on successful completion of this project the scholar will receive an award of £3,000.

The Application Process:

  • The candidate must send their CV and a brief summary (200 words max) of their chosen research topic + confirming if the project is new or will build on existing work.
  • A member of the selection committee will then arrange a time for discuss the proposed project in more detail over the phone to gather further information.
  • All applications will be reviewed by the Selection Committee and the winner will be agreed in November 2020. The successful candidate will be informed by email by 27th November 2020.
  • Applications should be made via email to:

Key Dates:

  • The closing date for applications is Friday, 27 November 2020
  • Winner selected by 11 December 2020
  • Selected Winner informed by 18 December 2020


Recent Sustainability Scholarship Papers

Recent Sustainability Scholarship submissions can be downloaded from the links here.

  • 2015/6 Emma Gains – “Review of industry fit-out tool kits and the part they play in adapting to climate” – Submission
  • 2015/6 Inga Geach – “Investigating the Role of Sustainability in Contractor Selection and Evaluation” – Submission
  • 2015/6 Szilvia Zakar – “Valuing Natural Capital in the Construction Industry” – Submission
  • 2016/7 Anthony Hull – “Raising our Game – How Project Managers can better integrate sustainability into infrastructure projects”  – Submission
  • 2017/8 Robert Maasz – “Delivering sustainability throughout the project lifecycle” – Submission
  • 2017/8 Peter Jenks – “Sustainability Evaluation of the use of Solvent-Based vs Water-Based Trim Paint” – Submission
  • 2018/9 Sorella Smith – “Exploring the potential of Blockchain technology for the UK Construction Industry” – Submission
  • 2018/9 Laura Burke – “Workplace Mental Health in the Construction Industry” – Submission
  • 2020/1 Safak Muslu – “developing a tool for engineers by providing a practical indicator for the circular economy for specific design solutions”
  • 2020/1 Alex Roberts – “How can the construction industry become a catalyst for change to achieve a net zero carbon economy?”

The Worshipful Company of Constructors has published a brochure about their Scholarships and this can be downloaded here.

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