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The Worshipful Company of Constructors is proud to regularly support the Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund.  Lady Brewer, the Chair of the Fund has written to the Charitable Trust as follows:

“It was in 1908 that the Sheriffs’ fund was started to alleviate the poverty and horrendous conditions of Newgate Prison.  It was later merged with the Recorder’s Fund and since then has been committed mostly to individual grants for prisoners on release.

As is well known, a prisoner receives just £46 on release.  No surprise then that the door revolves and they are back inside in no time at all.  Without accommodation and jobs their future is bleak on release.  Small grants for clothing, training, tools etc can be of enormous help at this critical time.

In 2016 the fund received a legacy of £200,000 from an unknown lady who had worked in the Probation Service.  She left £7.2 million in her will, can you believe it, but had very specific ideas as to where the money should go,  We were amazed . . .  So we decided that we would start a new initiative, now called “Out for Good”, to see prisoners into jobs prior to release and supported by mentoring through he gate.  To date we have succeeded in helping 87 people back into a life outside.

The Pan-Livery philanthropic initiative has improved the Fund’s “Out for Good” [initiative] by providing jobs from within the Livery and, importantly, putting accommodation alongside this programme should be transformative.

Re-offending costs the Taxpayer £18 billion a year.  More importantly it deprives people of a second chance if there isn’t the appropriate support to enable a change.  I often say to myself ‘There for the Grace of God Go I’.

I hope that the Constructors’ Company is proud of theit association with the fund and feel that their generous contributions to our work are wothwhile.  We could not survive without you and the other Livery Companies who have been so faithful.

On behalf of the Fund, we Thank You.”

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