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This Programme will focus on primary global challenges that have a significant effect on our industry. The theme for a particular scholarship will be agreed with supporting partners and details provided as part of the call for applications. Projects will then be proposed by applicants which address this challenge and the outputs of which can provide support to practitioners in the field.

The particular focus of the project and ultimate disciplines supported can cover any aspect of design, specification, construction, upgrade and demolition provided there is a tangible link to the theme of the programme. This will provide additional benefits to the scholar and their employers to engage with a wider community who are also influenced by this theme within their own supply chain.

The successful scholar will continue to work during the 2 year programme, carrying out a research project which will benefit the scholar, their company and the industry. We require that employers confirm their support for the scholar to complete the programme and disseminating the findings to a wide audience.

The next Thematic Programme will align with the Livery Climate Action Group agenda and the call for applications will open in Autumn 2022. If you are interested in applying, please download the brochure and application form.


Scholarship Project – Improving Biodiversity via the Construction Sector

Megan graduated with a BA Geography followed by an MSc Construction Management, and then completed several graduate engineer and sustainability advisor roles before taking up her current position as Façade Manager at a £43m Luxury Aparthotel in Manchester for Sir Robert McAlpine. Her responsibilities include the managing the highest value package, second only to MEP, consisting of a steel frame system, weather board, rainscreen ACM panels, ceramic tiles, curtain walling, external doors and access equipment including Mast Climbers and Scaffolding. she is also responsible for the Quality Control of this package, Megan supports STEM activities, has a keen interest in wider social responsibility initiatives and is also a member of RSPB and Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

Scholarship Project – Re-use potential of structural materials in existing buildings

I have an interdisciplinary background, with a bachelor’s degree in architecture, a postgraduate degree in lightweight roof structures and a PhD in structural engineering focused on bamboo as a construction material. I started my career working in architecture and I also have experience working in research with natural building materials and structures. I joined Elliott Wood in 2020 where I engaged with an R&D project looking into applying circular economy principles to existing building structures.

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“Review of industry fit-out tool kits and the part they play in adapting to climate”

“Investigating the Role of Sustainability in Contractor Selection and Evaluation”


“Valuing Natural Capital in the Construction Industry”


“Raising our Game – How Project Managers can better integrate sustainability into infrastructure projects”


“Delivering sustainability throughout the project lifecycle”


“Sustainability Evaluation of the use of Solvent-Based vs Water-Based Trim Paint”


“Exploring the potential of Blockchain technology for the UK Construction Industry”


“Workplace Mental Health in the Construction Industry”


“Developing a tool for engineers by providing a practical indicator for the circular economy for specific design solutions”


“How can the construction industry become a catalyst for change to achieve a net zero carbon economy?”


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