The Organisation

The Worshipful Company of Constructors is a modern City of London Livery Company for professionals working in, and in support of, the construction industry. Members of the Company are drawn from all sectors of the industry, including architects, surveyors, engineers, builders, legal professionals and accountants.

A very informative lecture given by Gresham College is available here as a link on  The Livery Companies in Tudor London - Professor Tim Connell - Gresham College Lectures

The Company is governed by a Court (see separate section) comprising some 30 people; some are elected officers - The Master and Wardens for example - and others either aspire to those positions, or, like the Pastmasters, have held office and remain to give the Court the benefit of their experience.


The Court has a number of Committees reporting to it:

There are various grades of membership. Most new members join as Freemen, in the process making certain commitments, or Obligations, to the Company. Freemen are entitled to apply to the City Chamberlain to become a Freeman of the City of London. That achieved, and after a period of satisfactory service with the Company, a Freeman can apply to become a fullLiveryman, which entitles him or her to vote in City elections and attend certain events, like the United Guilds Service at St Paul's Cathedral.

Other grades of membership include Yeomen - most of whom have been scholars or prize winners; Apprentices - bound to a Liveryman or member of the Court for a prescribed period of indenture, and inroled at Guildhall; Companion - the widow or widower of a member of the Court or a Liveryman. The Company has recently admitted its first International Constructors.

This structure enables the Company to go about its business, described elsewhere in this website. 

Fellowship is a key aspect of the Company's activities. Each year there are three formal dinners and a programme of smaller events and activities. These provide an excellent opportunity to meet and entertain friends, colleagues, clients and family members, either in one of the City's splendid livery halls or another suitable venue.

There are Fines and Fees for entering into the Freedom and Livery of the Company as well as an annual quarterage (subscription) charge. Members are also expected to contribute to the Charity Fund.

Those wishing to know more about the Company should contact the Company office on

The Company has its own "Company Illustrator" Henry Stephenson seen here abover presenting with the then Master Bob Craig a hand crafted water colour of a City Church to Sir David Brewer.