Company Arms


Although not discernable from reproductions, the divisions on each side of the carpenter's square are unequal signifying the change from imperial to metric measurement in the industry concurrent with the year of approval of the design.


Gules a Carpenter's Square in chevron throughout proper surmounted palewise of a T Square Or on a Chief Argent a reinforced concrete Bridge with two main piers spanning Water barry wavy of two Azure and Argent.

Upon a Helm on a Wreath Argent a Rainbow and issuing from the inner arc thereof a Cubit Arm the hand holding as if measuring with a Pair of Compasses the points expanded and downwards all proper.

The Crest is formed of a hand holding compasses surrounded by a rainbow.

The hand represents God the Great Architect and is based on part of Blake's picture of Newton, itself based on a detail from the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

The top part of the Arms is one of the spans of Waterloo Bridge with the Thames depicted under it thus representing construction and London, forming a link to the City.

The bottom part of the Arms is a device formed from two squares again representing construction.