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Wine And Cheese Zoom

Virtual Wine and Cheese Tasting

On the evening of 21 January 15 members and 2 guests participated in a hosted virtual wine and cheese tasting which was provided by “The Courtyard Dairy” from Settle in Yorkshire.  Andy Swinscoe, the owner of The Courtyard Dairy, proved to be an excellent host, explaining how, and why, the production of farmyard specific cheeses had escalated over recent years, and even introduced us to a goat’s cheese that was born out of the current pandemic.  Members asked several questions, which were all answered in depth by Andy.

This was a relatively new venture for the Company in that we have not previously asked a supplier to provide not only a “guided talk” but also provide samples on which the talk could be based.  Given the general view of all who participated, it is highly likely that we will repeat this virtual event in the future.

We are also greatly indebted to Court Assistant Deborah Pullen, who provided the photograph of her “tasting menu” before it was devoured.

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