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Diversity & Inclusion

“Success built on inclusion”

The Worshipful Company of Constructors is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion by working to reduce direct and indirect barriers to entry, participation and success in the Worshipful Company of Constructors City Livery Company. Our aim is to create an inclusive environment that is open, welcoming and supportive of the advancement of talented people working in the construction industry irrespective of background or personal characteristics.

To strengthen our commitment, the Company has signed up to the Livery Committee of London’s Diversity Charter on the 7th May 2020 which has been adopted by the Court of Common Council and the Court of Aldermen.

Building Diversity & Inclusion in Construction

The Worshipful Company of Constructors is working to build a diverse and inclusive membership organisation. This foundation is central to our aim of championing greater equality, diversity and inclusion across the construction industry for the future success of the industry.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Diana Chrouch OBE: Chair of Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Worshipful Company of Constructors’ Diversity & Inclusion Committee works proactively to reach and engage talented professionals from underrepresented groups to raise awareness about the benefits of joining the Constructors and to encourage them to take part in its activities. The Committee also supports the Constructor’s initiatives which aim to promote greater diversity and inclusion across the wider construction industry

We also work to support initiatives that open up pathways to inclusive career opportunities for young and emerging talent, from school and professional skills training through to early career development and  on through key stages up to  senior leadership. We are also keen to encourage greater supplier opportunities for businesses led by founders from underrepresented backgrounds to enable them to provide their valuable skills, talent and services to secure the sustainability and continued success of the construction industry.

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee is chaired by Diana Chrouch OBE and is made up of a range of outstanding professionals from diverse backgrounds that are dedicated to supporting our ambition to build a more inclusive organisation.



The Worshipful Company of Constructors is keen to champion a more diverse and inclusive construction industry by supporting initiatives to encourage more opportunities for :

  • Women and Girls
  • People who identify as Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic.
  • People with Disabilities and/or Neurodiversity
  • LGBTQ+ People
  • People from underrepresented backgrounds



Watch this space for the latest news from the Worshipful Company of Constructors’ Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

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