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Livery Halls Walk

On Thursday, 6th September the weather dawned bright and clear and the Master and Clerk took part in the 13th Annual Livery Halls Walk, which was organised by the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners.  The walk required all the Masters and Clerks to be fully clothed in Livery Gowns badges and all and to walk around 8.5 miles (no mean feat).

In all there were some 50 participants and the event started with an early breakfast on HQS Wellington before the party set off to visit 37 Livery Halls.  Some of the company can be seen on the left as they assembled on the foredeck for the obligatory group photograph prior to setting off on the Walk.

Fortunately for their constitutions many of these visits were only for photographs (two of which are appended below), but the party was fed and watered at some, and there was a goodly lunch at Armourers’ Hall.






The Master reports that it was a fantastic opportunity to meet many of the newer Masters and their Clerks in an informal and conversational way.  He found it to be one of the highlights of his year to date!

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