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Sir Ian Dixon Awards 2017

The Sir Ian Dixon Scholarship Presentations took place on 17 January 2018 by courtesy of Bouyges UK,  at their new HQ building near Waterloo.  The recipients of the awards were George Holder of Costain and Alexander Stephens of Bouyges UK.  We were pleased to welcome Lady Valerie Dixon to present the awards.  There was a large number of people present, including many from the CIOB and the Company, who are the co-sponsors of the awards, along with the Sir Ian Dixon Legacy.

This year’s topics were most interesting and forward looking.

George addressed the pursuit of Innovation in construction, showing that management standards are influential when creating an environment that supports innovation and concluding that whilst we were beginning to embrace innovation on a large scale, the Industry must continue to accelerate the pace of change.

Alexander addressed the use of “additive manufacturing” in construction, showing that the use of modern large-scale 3D printing techniques could produce benefits for the Architect, Structural Engineer and the Contractor as well as for the eventual user of the building.  He used real-life examples to show that, whilst there were technical limitations at present, structures could now be created that were impossible a few years ago.  He also showed that complex geometries could now be produced at a relatively low cost and could therefore be included in a cost-effective design.

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