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Site Visit – London Wall Place

On 6 February 2018, The Master and 9 other Constructors and 7 guests were privileged to be granted a site tour of the almost complete Multiplex complex on London Wall.  One of the members who attended was our Honorary Chaplain, Revd Cannon David Parrott, who said “I have lived with that building plot for a couple of years and it was amazing to see the building beginning to come to life.  I loved it and I had one of the best views of St Lawrence Jewry from the building”.

The building posed significant architectural and structural challenges with the competing requirements of the developers (to maximise space) and the City Planners (who wanted a design that took the original concept of the Barbican Development forward and provided an appropriate architectural statement).  As can be seen from the photograph of the Master with PM David Hattersley (right) the design solution demanded some impressive structural steelwork to form the massive cantilevers that were required to support the building over its limited footprint.

Our thanks must go to our member, Dragan Krstevski and make architects who facilitated the visit and especially to Sam Potter who guided us round the facility in such an expert and informative manner.  Thanks are also due to Multiplex for making the necessary access arrangements.

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