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Our funds and grant making policy

Capital Fund

Since 1990 the capital fund of the Trust has been enhanced by capital donations (from members and corporate sponsors of the Company) and by particular appeals such as the events at the Tower of London and HMS Belfast. The fund is managed by an external investment firm who work to maximise our return and provide additional income that we re-distribute to meet our charitable objectives.

General Funds

Unrestricted general funds which have not been designated for a specific use are held until an appropriate cause is identified. The Trustees are always seeking opportunities to raise funds and exploring new ways to distribute them.

Grant Making Policy

Policy Guidelines


Our overarching policy is to:

  • focus at least 50% of our grants on the first of our Trust Objects
  • identify situations where our giving can make a specific and measurable improvement to the cause we are supporting
  • make grants direct to beneficiaries rather than through other charitable bodies. However, in the case of international emergency appeals the only realistic policy is to donate via appropriate well-established disaster relief organisations with an acknowledged and successful record.
  • carry out appropriate due diligence of those organisations, bodies, and individuals we intend to offer support, to reassure ourselves of their competence and integrity in order to protect the reputation of the Trust.
  • try to ensure the resource we put in can be used to leverage additional resource from elsewhere
  • review annually the support we give for any project that extends beyond a single year

In respect of Object 1

We will:

  • consider giving support to construction related activities that meet this Object wherever they are in the UK with particular priority being given to craft training
  • look to supporting a small number of projects that run for typically 2-3 years and which we have indicated we will, in principle, support over this time.

In respect of Object 2

We will:

  • where appropriate, support the work of the Company Almoner in dealing with cases that fall within this Object
  • where possible, try to provide support that contributes to providing a longer-term solution for those that come to us.

In respect of Object 3

As a result of our foundation as a City Livery Company, we will:

  • usually focus our support on those projects that fall within the City of London or the Greater London area
  • give particular consideration to projects put forward by our military associates
  • generally be inputting smaller sums on a one-off basis to these projects.

These Policy Guidelines will be reviewed by the Trustees on regular basis and updated as appropriate.

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