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Global Challenges

Now more than ever, we are faced with seemingly insurmountable global challenges:

Climate change

Biodiversity loss

Social injustice

As Constructors, it’s in our nature to want to help address these challenges, for many of us, that’s why we got into construction and its’ related industries in the first place, but sometimes we can feel frustrated and unable to make a difference.

According to UK Contractors Declare climate breakdown and biodiversity loss are the most serious issue of our time. Buildings and construction play a major part, accounting for nearly 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions whilst also having a significant impact on our natural habitats. That’s why we decided to take action and form a Climate Action Group.

What are our ambitions?

To provide the right support needed to deliver the City of London Climate Action Strategy

To use our networks and our influence to help address the climate and biodiversity emergency in construction and the built environment

To get people excited about sustainability, the built environment, and through this attract people into both the industry and the Constructors Company

Martin Gettings CENV FIEMA
Chair, Constructors Climate Action Committee


The skills and characteristics that we need to tackle the climate challenge are abundant in the culture of the construction sector. Almost daily on any project you will see designers, planners, cost managers, site supervisors, tradespeople, security guards, in fact the whole team, collaborating, innovating, diversifying, problem-solving, using new technology, trying new methods.

This is exactly the spirit we need to address the climate crises: working hard as a team to deliver the most amazing projects, across all aspects of the built environment; in our cities, our towns and our infrastructures. It’s what we do every day, and we all have the capabilities to fix this.

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