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Most recent distribution of funds

In 2021 we distributed £32k to a range of deserving causes.

Scholarships are ongoing and we regularly explore opportunities to increase the breadth of our support whilst remaining true to our objectives.

Awards to educational bodies range from Universities to Craft Colleges, and we also give to City of London construction-focused initiatives, and like-minded construction charities.

£ Beneficiary
2000 Barts Guild
2000 ICE Teambuild Prize
250 City & Guilds
1000 Mansion House Scholarship scheme
3000 Thematic Scholarships 2020
3000 Sir Ian Dixon Scholarships 2020
4000 BRE Trust CIRAward
5000 Building Heroes
750 David Tong Cup
750 Constructors Prize
750 Shafting & Shoring Cup
750 Air Cdr Dow Trophy
750 HMS Lancaster
1000 Livery Schools Link
1000 London First Responders
2000 REDR
375 Members relief payment 1
250 Aldgate Primary School Computers
2500 Members relief payment  2

The latest published figures for the Year Ending 30 September 2021 are available.

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