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Most recent distribution of funds

The Charitable Trust’s three year strategic plan, as presented to Court in February 2021, envisaged the following planned increases in total annual donations:

From £25K in 2020 to >£30K in 2021, >£40K in 2022 and >£50K in 2023.

The Trustees are pleased to report that for the year to 30 September 2022, donations made by the Charitable Trust on behalf of the Company totalled £47,250.

The full breakdown of donations is below.

This significant increase has been possible for two reasons: firstly, the increased number of Constructors who have donated to the Charitable Trust, so more funds are available to dispense, and secondly, a more proactive and planned approach by the Trustees to giving, together with increased interaction with the beneficiaries.

City of London £
City and Guilds 250
Ironbridge Gorge Museum 1,500
Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund 1,000
Lord Mayor’s Appeal 1,000
Mansion House Scholarship Scheme 1,000
Education and Training/Scholarships
2021 Sir Ian Dixon Scholarships 3,000
2022 Sir Ian Dixon Scholarships 3,000
Sustainability Scholarships 3,000
Building Heroes 10,000
Armed Forces
Tong Cup 750
Constructors Prize 750
Shafting and Shoring 750
Air Cdr Trophy 750
HMS Lancaster 750
Constructing our Future
UCL Academy Scholarship 1,000
St Peter’s Primary School Hammersmith 1,000
Relief of Hardship/Other
ICE Teambuild Prize 5,000
REDR 5,000
Ukraine Appeal 5,000
Law Awards Art Competition 2,250
Member’s suggestion ** 500
Total £47,250

The published figures 2021 are available here.

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