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Aims of the Climate Action Committee

The aims of the Climate Action Committee are: –

We will achieve these aims by:

  • Being the first Livery Company to sign the UK Contractors Declare a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency
  • Identifying and providing the support needed to deliver the COL Climate Action Strategy
  • Generate outputs such as guidance notes, events and communication material
  • Demonstrating how construction can be part of the solution to the climate and biodiversity emergencies with the overall aim of attracting people both into the industry and WCC Membership
  • Raising awareness about the work that WCC is doing in particular around sustainability

What we have done so far?

We have already engaged expertise within the company and its networks and are starting to leverage this influence to create a lasting legacy of positive change

We have done this as our stance as a modern livery company and we support our aims and objectives in the following two ways;

  1. By providing expertise and guidance to support City of London Livery Climate Action Group e.g embedding Constructors within the relevant working groups activities events to meet the requirements of the COL Climate Strategy
  1. By using our networks and influence within our respective industries, to not only raise awareness of the Climate and Biodiversity Emergency but to encourage action and activity to support realisation of the Global Sustainability Goals
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