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Worshipful Informal Networking Event (WINE)

One of the organisers, Freeman Stewart Owen writes:

“The Worshipful Company of Constructors was delighted to hold the second ‘Worshipful Informal Networking Event’ aka ‘Wine O’clock’ on 6th February 2020.

There was an excellent turnout including a healthy representation of like-minded serial networkers from across the industry.  A much appreciated and welcome attendance by Sir Vivian, The Master, and other members of Court, including stalwart Roger Lilley, shy and retiring Senior Warden, Arthur Seymour and a decent mix of newer members, seasoned pros, and repeat offenders (you know who you are!) attended.

Hosted at ‘The Barrowboy and Banker’, on the southern side of London Bridge, the assembled company successfully annexed a corner area, repelling all pirates, rapscallions, borders, brigands and ne’er do wells (aside from the aforementioned and other ambassadors of our esteemed company of course, who were warmly welcomed).

Formalities were not applicable other than the ceremonial collecting of a £20 whip, conducted with due reverence and respect, and the traditional cry of ’no, I’ve been to the bar twice already . . .

One other tradition has however emerged, the purchase of a pub meal by one member who refuses to share, brazenly eats and who shall remain nameless . . .

Liveryman Gary Jackson sponsored crudités, nibbles etc. Most kind Gary . . .

The ‘instant’ popularity of the event suggests it shall grow in stature, and will especially assist those members of our company who cannot, or as yet have not been able to, immerse themselves into the more regular of the informal and formal WCC calendar events, being a very affordable event at which you can mingle and meet your colleagues for very modest investment in proportion to personal requirements.

Upcoming dates for Worshipful Informal Networking Events:

  • 5th March 2020
  • 2nd April 2020
  • 13th May 2020

There will be no WINE meeting in June (there is to be a formal Networking Event on 18th June – see website for details), but WINE will continue on 9th July 2020, with later dates to be advised.

We would suggest ‘book early’ but, to be honest, the more the merrier and other than the spontaneous provision of finger food, for which future sponsors are invited to make offers, it’s all very casual – please let Gary Jackson or Stewart Owen (see the handbook for contact details) know of your intention to attend so we can claim an area of suitable scale.


We look forward to welcoming you to our next ‘Wine O’Clock’… ahem… ‘Worshipful Informal Networking Event’.”




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