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Worshipful Company Charitable Trust Continues to Support Building Heroes

Worshipful Company Charitable Trust Continues Annual Commitment with a £10,000 Donation to Building Heroes.

Building Heroes, a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing training and employment opportunities in the construction industry for military veterans, has been making a significant impact on the lives of those who have served their country. The Worshipful Company Charitable Trust’s contribution will further enhance the organisation’s ability to facilitate a seamless transition for veterans into the civilian workplace.

To showcase the incredible work being done by Building Heroes, a collection of captivating images has been released, capturing the organisation’s initiatives in action. These images portray the hands-on training and the practical skills being imparted to veterans, offering them a gateway to promising construction employment opportunities. Attention is particularly drawn to the standard of brickwork achieved after just 3½ days training.

For a closer look at Building Heroes’ initiatives and the impactful projects they undertake, a video link has been provided, offering viewers an in-depth perspective on the organisation’s efforts. The video can be accessed via our YouTube channel here:

To learn more about Building Heroes and discover ways to support their mission, please visit their official website:

The Worshipful Company Charitable Trust remains committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those who have served their country, and this donation to Building Heroes reflects their ongoing dedication to supporting veterans’ successful transition into civilian employment.


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