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Press Release: The Worshipful Company Of Constructors Support Apprentice Stonemason at York Minister Centre of Excellence

London, UK – June 20, 2024 – The Worshipful Company of Constructors, one of the City of London’s historic Livery Companies, is proud to announce through the Company’s Charitable Trust a generous donation to support over three years the training of an apprentice stonemason at the York Minster Centre of Excellence for Heritage Craft Skills and Estate Management. This initiative underscores the Company’s and Charitable Trust’s ongoing commitment to preserving traditional craftsmanship and fostering new talent in the construction industry.

The York Minster Global Centre of Excellence, renowned internationally for its dedication to the conservation of heritage skills, provides unparalleled training in stonemasonry, carpentry, and other essential crafts. The Centre plays a vital role in maintaining the historic fabric of one of the Europe’s most iconic cathedrals, while also ensuring the transmission of these invaluable skills to future generations.

Through this donation, the Worshipful Company of Constructors and the Charitable Trust aims to contribute to the sustainability of heritage crafts by enabling an apprentice to receive world-class training. This support over three years will cover the costs associated with their education and hands-on experience, and will ensure that they gain the expertise needed to excel in their trade.

Paul Shepherd, Chairman of the Worshipful Company of Constructors Charitable Trust said, “The Charitable Trust is very pleased to be supporting a new Stonemasonry apprentice at York Minster. This is the largest grant that the Charitable Trust has ever made and perfectly follows our prime remit to ‘support Education and Research in the Construction Industry’.

The Constructors Company will retain a close involvement in the development of the Apprentice throughout their three-year training and will receive regular updates on their progress.”

The funded apprentice will have the opportunity to work alongside experienced craftsmen, gaining practical skills and knowledge that are crucial for the conservation and restoration of historic buildings. This hands-on training is complemented by the Centre’s curriculum, which covers both traditional techniques and modern conservation practices.

Alex McCallion, Director of Works and Precinct at York Minster, said: “We are thrilled to welcome the support of the Worshipful Company of Constructors Charitable Trust at such a significant level towards a new apprentice stonemason at York Minster. This generous grant very much represents our strong shared aims in engaging the next generation of heritage construction professionals, through this exciting opportunity to join the workforce at one of the most iconic buildings in the country.


“The new stonemason will join us at a unique moment in York Minster’s history, as we open the doors of our new Centre for Excellence to the world and develop our growing international network of cathedrals and heritage institutions. We are deeply grateful to the Trust for such generous investment in our work and very much look forward to welcoming the new apprentice into our workforce this autumn.”

The Worshipful Company of Constructors together with its Charitable Trust  has a long history of supporting education and training and promoting excellence throughout the construction industry. This latest initiative is part of the Company’s broader efforts to champion the importance of heritage crafts and ensure their survival for generations to come.

For more information about the Worshipful Company of Constructors and the Charitable Trust, please visit

Media Contact:

Andy Hastie
Honorary Court Assistant
Worshipful Company of Constructors
07948 281571

About the Worshipful Company of Constructors:

The Worshipful Company of Constructors is a modern City of London Livery Company, committed to promoting and maintaining high standards in the construction industry. The Company supports various charitable and educational initiatives, fostering the development of skills and excellence within the sector.

About the WCoC Charitable Trust

The Charitable Trust supports education and research throughout construction, the City of London, Armed Forces and the relief of hardship. Thanks to a strong partnership with, the and the generosity of WCoC members, total Grant giving has grown from £20,000 in 2020 to £55,000 in 2023.

About York Minster Centre of Excellence:

The York Minster Centre of Excellence for Heritage Craft Skills and Estate Management is dedicated to the training and development of craftsmen and women in heritage skills. Located at York Minster, the Centre provides top-tier education and hands-on experience in the conservation and restoration of historic buildings.

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