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Our funds and grant making policy

Capital Fund

Since 1990 the capital fund of the Trust has been enhanced by capital donations (from members and corporate sponsors of the Company) and by particular appeals such as the events at the Tower of London and HMS Belfast. The fund is managed by an external investment firm who work to maximise our return and provide additional income that we re-distribute to meet our charitable objectives.

General Funds

Unrestricted general funds which have not been designated for a specific use are held until an appropriate cause is identified. The Trustees are always seeking opportunities to raise funds and exploring new ways to distribute them.

Grant Making Policy

Funds are distributed in line with the Charity’s objectives. That is to say, they are –

“for the purposes of sponsoring education and research in the planning, design, construction and maintenance of building and civil engineering work and related matters.”

Since 1990 the Company has had a Scholarships and Awards Committee and has targeted, in particular, educational and training scholarships and awards in the construction industry and allied professions. These are an ongoing commitment for the future. The original scholarships and awards are now being enhanced by further awards to cover the breadth of the disciplines within construction. These awards are carefully selected and take time to put into place with other sponsoring institutions.

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