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Master’s Sky Dive – Update

On 9th October 2018 the Master, Tony Ward, successfully completed his Sky Dive, jumping from 13,000 feet partnered by a Red Devil parachutist and landing safely at Old Sarum airfield in Hampshire.  Tony undertook this daring, nay possibly foolhardy, feat to raise £30,000 for Treloar’s, thereby allowing them to purchase a “Jaco Robotic Arm” for their students.

He was originally due to undertake the Jump on 19th September, but strong winds at the airfield caused the jump to be delayed until 9th October, although Tony had by then  already delivered the cheque to Treloar’s during their Gala Dinner at the Mansion House.

The pictures show Tony “booted and suited” as he prepared for the jump and, no doubt somewhat relieved, after landing.








Well Done Tony!

A fitting end to your year as Master of the Worshipful Company of Constructors


And here are some more pictures, many taken by the Red Devils, and they really do show what Tony went through:

Getting ready to go – The Master and the Clerk do a quick check of the prelims!!!!








All kitted up and ready to go – Tony and his jumping partner, Wayne






The long walk to the aircraft






It’s getting serious now and soon it will be too late to say NO!






Oh dear! It is too late!





Off we go!










And then it was back to earth – with some relief, after an adrenaline filled 6 minutes sky-diving from 13,000 feet!






Into the arms of family and friends








And finally:  – Well John – it was like this . . .






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