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Livery & Awards Dinner 2019

The Livery & Awards Dinner was held at the splendid and modern Haberdashers’ Hall on 13 February 2019.  It was attended by 126 members and their personal guests together with 23 official guests.

The Livery & Awards Dinner is the annual occasion where the Company acknowledges the recipients of our scholarships and our Military Affiliates and other awards.  This year we adopted a slightly different format for the evening.  There was no traditional introductory speech, but the guests and new members were invited to take wine with the Master during the course of the meal, thereby allowing a little more time for the post prandial stirrup cup.

As well as being very pleased to welcome our Livery guests we were also delighted to welcome our military and academic award winners.  This year, like last year, our Royal Navy Affiliate, HMS Lancaster, was undergoing a full refit, so the prize was instead donated to RN and RM Charities and received by Captain Darren Houston RN, the Captain, Surface Ships, Portsmouth.

  • The Winner of the Shafting and Shoring Cup (101 Regiment) was Corporal Aaron Tullet, a Team Commander within 3 Troop, 217 Field Squadron based in Southend, Essex.
  • The winner of the Air Commodore Dow Trophy (5001 Squadron) was SAC Richard Wilson who is a member of 5001 Squadron Operations Flight and has been deployed numerous times overseas to multiple Operational Theatres in support of the Royal Air Force.
  • Daniel Kilford won the Constructors’ Prize having graduated from the University of Westminster in June 2018 with a First Class Honours Degree in Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management.
  • Rosalie Hollands was the top surveying student of the Year at London South Bank University and was awarded the David Tong Cup.
  • Alastair Marsh, a PhD student at the University of Bath was awarded the Royal Charter Research Award for his pioneering work on the use of sustainable earth blocks in construction.

All in all, a memorable evening was had by all and congratulations are due to all our prize winners, who are pictured below:

SAC Richard Wilson receives the Air Commodore Trophy from the Master

Corporal Aaron Tullett receives the Shafting and Shoring Award from the Master









Daniel Kilford receives the Constructors Prize from the Master

Rosalie Hollands receives the David Tong Cup from the Master

Alastair Marsh receives the Royal Charter International Research Award from the Master








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