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Master’s SkyDive for Treloar’s

On 19th September The Master, Tony Ward, will jump from an aircraft at 13,000 feet to mark the culmination of his personal challenge to raise £39,000 for Lord Mayor Treloar’s College in his adopted county of Hampshire.  Needless to say, this will take not only a great deal of courage (or perhaps blind faith), but also the help of the “Red Devils”, the Parachute Regiment’s Sky Diving Team, one of whom will be diving in tandem with him.  Tony says that spectators will be welcome, so if you can make it to Old Sarum Airfield (near Salisbury) on 19th September please let Tony know and you will be able to see the Master “with no strings attached”, well hopefully not!

Tony’s aim is to raise £1,000 for each of the 39 strings that are attached to his parachute, so he has dubbed his appeal “NO STRINGS ATTACHED”.  Everything above £33,000 will be donated to the WCC Charitable Trust capital account.

He has already raised some £26,000 of sponsorship, much of it through former business associates and the Masters of other Livery Companies, so he has £13,000 to go and, as he has pointed out, if each member of the Company gave a minimum of £10 each, that would raise a further £3,000.  Donations can be made through Tony’s “Just Giving” page.

Lord Mayor Treloar’s College was founded in 1908 by the then Lord Mayor of London, and it endures today, 110 years on, providing education and support for disabled children and young adults who suffer from Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy.

The “Jaco” Robotic Arm

In conjunction with Lord Mayor Treloar’s College, Tony’s aim is to provide funds for them to buy a revolutionary bionic arm called a “jaco” which will bring life changing abilities to many of the youngsters, giving them greater independence and self-esteem.  After trialling this amazing piece of technology, the College will be able to prove its benefit to the Funding Local Authorities and thereby provide the jaco robotic arm on a wide scale.  A review of the Arm is available on “U Tube” at this link, and Tony is sure that seeing its capabilities will make you realise just how worthy his cause is.  He would welcome your support as it is a great cause which has been recognised and shared by many of his fellow Livery Company Masters.  He would like to make this a “bumper Charitable year for the Constructors’, and for it to be recognised as such throughout the City.







These youngsters are typical of the students at Lord Mayor Treloar’s College who would benefit from the Robotic Arm.

Tony was aiming to do his sky-dive on 19 September, but, unfortunately, there were high winds at the airfield and the sky-dive had to be postponed.  It has now been re-arranged for 9 October and will be a most fitting end of Tony’s year as Master.

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