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Retirement of Rev’d Cannon David Parrott

David has been our Guild Vicar and Honorary Chaplain for some 11 years now and, as he says, “I have loved my time at St Lawrence Jewry and in the City of London, but the time is right to move on. I have recorded a message on You Tube which will tell you a little more but be assured I will be in touch with everyone as to the future as it becomes clear. I take this chance to thank the Diocese of London and the other bodies who have been involved in planning this move for their amazing support and care.”

David has also written to our Clerk, with whom he will have a chat in the next few days.  He also recognises that the succession planning for each Livery will look different, but he will keep in close touch with the Company, and we must expect that, due to the planned restoration works at St Lawrence Jewry, there may be a prolonged interregnum.


The Venerable  Luke Miller, the Archdeacon of London issued the following notice on Monday 25 January:

The Rev’d Canon David Parrott will retire in the summer of 2021 from the post of Guild Vicar of St Lawrence Jewry. David has given distinguished service as Guild Vicar of St Lawrence Jewry for over 11 years and has been Chaplain to the City of London Corporation and to many livery companies and other organisation in the City and beyond. He has served as Chaplain to the Lord Mayor and while at S Lawrence Jewry has also been an Honorary Chaplain in the Royal Navy. He will be very much missed in the City, the City Deanery and beyond.

In recent times David has worked enormously hard with others to bring about a major project of restoration work on the church. The restoration project is hopefully to be funded by the City of London Corporation, with assistance from the London Diocesan Fund and the Guild Church Council and has taken some years to come to fruition. It will leave a legacy in bricks and mortar (and stone and plaster!) to complement all that he has done as a pastor, chaplain and friend to so many. The unity of purpose of all who have been involved is exemplary of how our City works together in its many parts.

Through all of this Sue has supported him while also offering spiritual support and guidance as a sought-after spiritual director.

The exact timing of David’s retirement will depend on the course of the project. The Vicarage is located in the church itself and the best solution for David and Sue is for them to move into retirement at the point at which works begin, and the church is working to ensure that there is a clear way forward.

The fine details of the process are still under discussion, but I hope it will be helpful to many to know the direction of travel. Please be patient to hear the details of exactly how this process will be completed when they are available.”

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